According to science our planet is hurtling through space at  1700 Km/hr, taking 1 year to orbit our Sun.  And our Sun  is orbiting a black hole at the center of our galaxy (The Milky Way) taking 230 million years to complete one orbit of the Galaxy. Our speed and orbit are beyond our control.

What we can control
is the environment “societal and natural” on planet Earth. The simple question we should be asking is can we  peacefully coexist and manage the Earth’s environment and resources in such a way as to provide for the needs of humanity and allow for human evolution to continue and achieve its great potential. Humanity in its violent history has shown a willingness to wage war, murder whole populations, and plunder Earth’s resources, in order for individuals to acquire personal wealth and power over its people.

A serious obstacle to proper environmental and resource management on planet Earth is “Greed” and “Lust for Power”. How long will it take for humanity to understand that lack of good leadership equals more global warming and ultimate societal collapse.  The prospect of world war 3 is growing as Nations seek to impose their ideological solutions on humanity.


All human beings have a right to live in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment. We have a right to live in safe homes, breath clean air, drink clean water, Eat wholesome food, and move about in a safe and secure manner. We have a right to peace of mind, and should not have to be concerned with hidden dangers, to ourselves or our children. We have a right to expect that our government will not endanger our lives, but will ensure we have a place where we can shelter, raise our children, and enjoy the fruits of our labours without undue concern. We have a right to expect that governments will protect our environment and our heritage, for today and for future generations. Ireland has accepted and committed to protect the environment, under the Paris climate accord. Infrastructure and waste management is recognized as necessary (even urgent) but not in my backyard. Nimbyism is very much alive in Ireland. And to be honest government climate protection solutions are often made on the basis of political and economic corruption.

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