Human Rights

All human beings have rights. These can be classified as “Human, or Civil”.

  1. Human rights are those to which every human being is entitled regardless of Nationality, Race, Color, or Belief. These rights include the right to Life, Liberty, and Dignity, the right to marry and found a family, the right to work and receive fair remuneration for their labours,  and every human being is entitled to freedom from threats, persecution and slavery.
  2. Civil Rights are those rights which govern the interaction between members of society. These rights are necessary to provide good governance of the Nation (extended family). These rights include the right to choose and hold accountable our government. The right to campaign for change, and the right to protest against our governments actions.

But in their search for wealth and power many people ignore those fundamental rights  and turn a blind eye to the hardship caused by their agents and the unscrupulous means used in the accumulation of wealth and power in their names. The use of “Stock Markets, Pension Funds and Wealth Managers” allows them to distance themselves from the consequences of their actions and human the hardship (including slavery) caused by their investments.