Global Warming

That the climate aboard our planet is deteriorating cannot be denied. Global Warming is happening, extreme temperatures, ice caps melting, and sea levels rising. hurricanes and typhoons are devastating large areas of the globe, and are getting stronger each year. Forest fires are raging out of control around the globe partly due to Global Warming, partly due to poor land management and  partly due to human encroachment on and destruction of afforested area’s. Large coastal areas are being flooded repeatedly, with damage to homes on an unprecedented scale. Rising sea levels will force millions of coastal inhabitants to flee from the rising oceans, seeking refuge in more hospitable environments. Whether they will be welcomed or not depends on our humanity. Many commentators predict that damage to the environment will lead to the extinction of all life on Earth. but just as happened after the Dinosaurs became extinct  the Earth will recover and begin again, and that cannot be denied. With or without mankind (unless there is a cataclysmic space event) the Earth will continue its journey through the heavens. With the world’s population expected to rise to 10 billion by 2100  The growth of the human population may prove the biggest threat to the continued existence of the human race.  Ultimately the population must be controlled or nature will control it for us.