The Constitution:

All human beings have rights. These can be classified as “Human rights, or Civil rights”.

  1. Human rights are those to which every and all human being(s) is entitled regardless of Nationality, Race, Color, or Belief. These rights include the right to Life, Liberty, and Dignity,   the right to marry and found a family, the right to acquire and own property, the right to shelter, and the right to work and earn a living,
  2. Civil Rights are those rights which are necessary to provide good governance of the Nation (extended family). These rights include the right to choose and hold accountable our government. The right of free assembly to campaign for change, freedom of speech and the right to criticise or protest against our government’s actions. and the right to freedom of opinion and religious belief,

These rights however come with a grave responsibility, No human being or government can claim these rights for themselves while at the same time denying these rights to others.

The very best form of protection of human and civil rights is to be found in societies which enshrine these rights in a written Constitution which can only be amended or suspended with the consent of the majority of citizens expressed through a ballot (referendum) Such a Constitution should be permanently protected by a Court of law which is independent of political influence. with severe penalties for those who attempt to subvert those basic laws.

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