An Independent Judiciary is fundamental to any Democracy. That is the Guarantor of our civil and human rights. However Judicial systems throughout the world have been found to be corruptible, and to believe it is any different in Ireland is Naive. Judges appointed by politicians are often influenced by their political persuasion. The balance between integrity and political loyalty may be tested when they hear some cases.

But that may not be the only danger to our legal system. To believe that criminals confine themselves to intimidating or corrupting officials in our justice system is self-deception beyond belief. Members of the Justice system in all departments have been charged and found guilty of colluding with criminals to pervert the course of justice.

Reform of the Justice System:

A System of appointing promoting and regulating Judges is long overdue. Political influence must be removed from the process. Judges must be appointed in accordance with their experience and subject to review by an all party committee of the Oireachtas.

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