The Environment

Many people’s environmental awareness is defined on the basis of where they live. Infrastructure and waste management is recognised as necessary (even urgent) but not in my back yard. Nimby-ism is very much alive in Ireland. And if we are honest Government often approve the location of waste management solutions on the basis of  where they are least likely to lose votes. Locations such as less inhabited or socio-economic deprived areas, (because deprived people don’t usually vote for right wing conservative parties).

According to the United Nations Population Division, the human population hit 7.3 billion in 2018 and, if its projections are correct, we’re en route to a population of 9 billion by 2050, and 10 billion by 2100. These are facts not conjecture and an overriding fact for all politicians to accept is that we all share one common constraint, we are all “Earthlings” and no one as yet has defined the capacity of the “Earth” to support the “Human” race.

The Earth has limited food, air and water resources, and control of these scarce resources will most certainly lead to war as nations fight for access to and others seek to protect their resources. Whole populations trying to escape from persecution, and economic hardship is already happening and is just the beginning of, and an indication of what is to come. Famine and rising sea levels wills force many millions of coastal inhabitants to flee from the rising oceans and seek refuge in more hospitable environments. Violent storms and unprecedented heatwaves, have already laid waste to vast areas, and fuelled by climate change floods and fire will destroy ever increasing acreage of once arable land.

The population will eventually reach saturation point, We have not yet reached that point, but controls such the Chinese “One Child” policy may become more common even inevitable, Euthanasia may become compulsory. The Wealthy Elite will ensure that we get rid of the least productive (the sick and elderly unable or too old to work, ) first.

The greatest threat to the existence of the “Human Race” is the destruction of the environment. The extinction of the “Human Race” is made more likely by the total disregard of the potential extinction of “all” animals and insects necessary for the pollination and sustenance of the environment. and the human desecration of our oceans.

  • The destruction of the Amazon rain-forests which clean’s the air that we breath.
  • The search for and extraction of fossil fuels from the earths Mantle damaging the earths mantle, and pollution of the air as we burn these fossil fuels
  • The reclamation of natural flood plains to build factories and houses without regard to the consequences of flooding and loss of natures own water purification process.
  • Pollution of the Oceans. as we dump Plastic and Sewage into our oceans,
  • Burying waste in landfill sites leading to the contamination of the underground water table , and escaping toxic gasses into the atmosphere as the waste decays.
  • Burning of toxic waste in incinerators spewing carcinogenic toxins into the air.

If we cannot not dump our waste in the oceans, bury our waste in landfill, or burn our waste in incinerators, how are we to get rid of our waste.

The answer is simple,

  1. A return to traditional methods. For thousands of years goods were packaged, stored, and transported by sailing ships in Glass, Porcelain, Wood, and Paper containers.
  2. A reduction of wasteful human consumption (good for our health),
  3. Localised production thereby eliminating of the need to transport goods across thousands of miles even if this goes against the demand for globalisation of production.

Now think about the millions of Jobs that would create.

The Irish People have a right to live in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment. They have a right to live in safe homes, breath clean air, drink clean water, Eat wholesome food, and move about our country in a safe and secure manner. They have a right to peace of mind, and should not have to be concerned with hidden dangers, to themselves or their children. They have a right to expect that the government, Local or National, will not endanger their lives, but will ensure they have a place where they can shelter, raise their children, and enjoy the fruits of their labours without undue concern. They have a right to expect that our government will protect our environment.  But that is Utopia.

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