The Environment:

All human beings have a right to live in a clean, safe, and pleasant environment. We have a right to live in safe homes, breath clean air, drink clean water, Eat wholesome food, and move about in a safe and secure manner. We have a right to peace of mind, and should not have to be concerned with hidden dangers, to ourselves or our children. We have a right to expect that our government will not endanger our lives, but will ensure we have a place where we can shelter, raise our children, and enjoy the fruits of our labours without undue concern. We have a right to expect that our government will protect our environment  for today and for future generations. Ireland has accepted and committed to protect the environment, under the Paris climate accord, but to be honest our governments climate protection solutions are often made on the basis of political and economic expediency.

That the climate aboard our planet is deteriorating cannot be denied. Many commentators predict that damage to the environment will lead to the extinction of all life on Earth. but just as happened after the Dinosaurs became extinct  the Earth will recover and begin again, and that cannot be denied. The question we should be asking is can humanity peacefully coexist and manage planet Earth’s environment and resources  in such a way as to provide for the needs of humanity and allow for human evolution to continue and achieve its great potential. Humanity in its violent history has shown a willingness (using religion and political ideology as justification) to wage war, commit genocide, and plunder the Earth’s resources, in order for individuals to acquire personal wealth and power.

 A serious obstacle to proper environmental and resource management on planet Earth is “Greed” and “Lust for Power”. How long will it take for humanity to understand that lack of good leadership equals more global warming and ultimate societal collapse.  The prospect of world war 3 is growing as Nations seek to impose their ideological solutions on humanity.

Global Warming:
Global Warming is happening now, extreme temperatures, ice caps melting, sea levels rising. hurricanes and typhoons devastating large areas of the globe, and getting stronger each year. Fires raging out of control around the globe partly due to global warming, poor land management and  human encroachment on and destruction of afforested area’s.  Coastal areas are being flooded repeatedly, with damage on an unprecedented scale. Forcing millions of coastal inhabitants to flee, seeking refuge in more hospitable environments. Whether they will be welcomed or not depends on our humanity.

Polluting the Air we Breath:
There are many ways in which the air that we breath can become polluted.  Some of the causes are natural and some are the result of human activity.

Naturally Occurring Pollution:
Natural sources are sometimes airborne compounds caused by plants when propagating , soils and dust from desert which are suspended on the winds and carried long distances before being deposited thousands of miles away. Major naturally polluting events occurs typically when volcanoes erupt and huge forest fires spew millions of tons of ash into the atmosphere. There are hundreds of active volcanoes throughout the world and there is little we can do about that.

Man Made Pollution
For Agriculture:

The deliberate burning of large tracts of land is a major source of air pollution.  Burning jungle to make way for farmland is a common practice. and the burning of heather and other hillside grasses to make way for wine growing and  grazing of sheep and goats is common.

For Homes and Recreation:
Clearing forest areas to build homes in great scenic areas also can contribute to air pollution, as families settle into hillside homes, set up visitor attractions in areas of great natural beauty and as people generally encroach on the woodlands. This activity  often leads unintentionally to the burning of forests through the casual discarding of Glass and other utensils which act to magnify the heat from the Sun. Then there is the  building of campfires in wilderness areas to heat the campsite without adequate precautions to contain the fire and extinguish the embers when we leave. And of course the sheer vandalism by idiots  who deliberately set fires to wantonly destroy property just to see it burn.

For Energy Generation:
The burning of fossil  fuels such as  Oil or Coal and fuel such as  Turf or Wood  releases into the air tiny particles which rise into the
atmosphere and create an almost invisible fog, which have a detrimental effect on the health of all life-forms. Whether we burn fossil fuels to heat our homes. cook our food, generate electricity, or fuel our transport we are endangering our health. The same applies to the burning of waste in incinerators. to generate electricity.

Polluting the Water we Drink:
There is  only one source of the water that we drink. Water from the oceans and the land is evaporated by the sun, as it rises it cools and condenses forming clouds, when the clouds get too dense they drop this water as rain. As the rain falls it can either run off the land and return to the ocean, it can collect in lakes and reservoirs, or it can soak into the ground and be stored in underground reservoirs.  It is this freshwater that we drink.

Freshwater Pollution: The World faces a shortage of fresh clean drinking water. Only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is freshwater, and even that small quantity must be filtered and purified before it is suitable for human consumption.  The pollution of the land and the water table by burying waste in landfill sites leading to a significant loss of fresh clean water, Overuse of pesticides and fertilizers on our gardens and farms which contaminate the water supply. The cost of filtration and purification and delivery to our homes of our water becomes ever higher, leading to calls for restriction (or rationing) of the water supplies and charges to deter  excessive consumption.

Ocean Pollution: The destruction of our oceans may not be as visible as air-pollution but the pollution is just as damaging.

  1. The search for oil and Gas damaging the earth’s crust through drilling and spillage from damaged  well-heads and from the massive oil and gas supertankers used to transport the crude oil and gas around the world.
  2. Factory fishing trawlers which spend many months at sea discharging their human effluent and waste, and which  throw millions of tons of unwanted (dead) fish catches back into the ocean because of artificial fish type  quota’s are destroying our oceans.
  3. Vast ocean journeys as huge tourist liners and huge cargo container ships  constantly belching their waste into the seas as they traverse the globe
  4. We landlubbers also dump billions of tons of sewage, plastic and household  waste into our rivers and oceans. every day.

The evidence of this destructive effect upon our oceans  has to be seen in the loss of thousands of species of marine life, and the household waste washed up on beaches around the world

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