The creation of a European Economic Community,(E.E.C.) A collective of Member States seeking harmony and co-operation, neighbours, sharing common values and aspirations forming a cooperative community supporting each other in their search for a better life.? The free movement of workers throughout that community who seek to enhance their skills and offering their services to employers and building new lives for themselves and their families, and enabling all Europeans to buy and sell goods and services throughout the common market in a consumer friendly manner. This is a noble aspiration.

All of which can be achieved through our membership of the O.E.C.D. an organisation of which Ireland was a founding member and which was the original Organisation for European Economic Co-operation (O.E.E.C.)

Why does Europe need Two Organisation to serve the same purpose:

Because of a desire to create a centralised political State. Every French President from Charles DE Gaulle to Emmanuel Macron has sought to build the new Europe combining German industrial power and French leadership. That was the reason Britain was excluded from the EEC for 25 years until DE Gaulle died in 1972.

But what does “European Union ” mean for Ireland ?

 A European Government:
Many European leaders have called for the “Urgent” integration of the European Union and the rapid establishment of a European Government. From Charles DeGaulle, to Emanuel Macron, French leaders have pushed to create a single “integrated” European State, with France in the dominant leadership role.

European Federal Taxes;
President Emmanuel Macron (France)? has also stated that Ireland must not be allowed a “Veto”, on future European tax policy, Macron has proposed that the system of Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) be extended to the area of Taxation which hitherto required unanimity of the member States.
The Irish Government has expressed its concerns (15/01/2019) over the proposed changes to the voting system but has no power to stop the proposed removal of the current  requirement of unanimity on matters of taxation.

Loss of Ireland’s seat at the United Nations:
Based in Brussels The European External Action Service (E.E.A.S.) relies on the extensive network of EU member States diplomatic presence worldwide. The E.E.A.S. brings together European civil servants, diplomats from foreign services of the EU member states, and local staff in countries around the world. This is the European Diplomatic Corp.  membership of which places constraints and obligations on Ireland’s ability to act independently in our Foreign Policy as the Irish Government is obliged to conform to and support the foreign policy of the European External Action Service (E.E.A.S.)  Eventually this will lead to our loss of our seat in the United Nations, the charter of which requires that all members are “self governing states”. That is why the United States of America has just one seat to represent it’s 50 states as against Europe’s 28 seats

 Loss of Irish Neutrality;
In February. 2018, Leo Varadkar told Dail Eireann he had  committed Ireland to a “Common Defence” which effectively ended Irish “Neutrality” and is in Violation of article 29 section 4 paragraph 9 of the Irish Constitution., and the Lisbon Treaty.

Democratic Reform recognises that in the event of War in Europe, or War between the Super-powers, Ireland will be involved whether we like it or not. However during the current peace, handing control of Irish Foreign Affairs over to the European Union is not necessary and is of such National importance that the decisions involved must be openly discussed and the approval of the Irish people sought before any such commitment.

Democratic Reform? (Ire) is not anti-Europe

Democratic Reform (Ire) supports the existing European Economic Community (E.E.C)

Free Trade, Free movement of workers, the Customs Union, and even the common currency (the Euro), are all supported by Democratic Reform.

Democratic Reform (Ire) is opposed to the future European (political) Union

Foreign Relations, Immigration, and Neutrality are insofar as they effect or reflect the wishes of the Irish people, for the Irish people to decide. We must not surrender our right to self government out of despair. Patriotism is not dead it simply has no voice at present.

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