European Union:

The original  Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (O.E.E.C.) was  founded in 1945 to administer “Marshall Plan” funds intended to counter communist (Russian) expansion in Europe by the creation of a federal economic block  economically dependent member states. The O.E.E.C. eventually became the O.E.C.D of which Ireland is a member and which is now a larger organisation than the European Union.

The origin of the current European Union lies in a recognition by Charles De-Gaulle that the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (O.E.E.C.) conflicted with his own ambitions to lead Europe. DeGaulle saw for France the opportunity to play the dominant role in the creation of the new Europe The creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, the European Economic Community (E.E.C) and Euratom, as an alternative to the Organisation for European Economic Cooperation (O.E.E.C.) was designed to counter the economic influence of the United States of America and their wartime ally Great Britain. DeGaulle continuously refused to allow The United Kingdom to become a member of the European Economic Community (E.E.C.) until his death in 1972.

The European Economic Community (E.E.C.) has since evolved into a single state the European Union (E.U.) in all but name. (former French president Jacque DeLors once said the European Union must be created “discreetly” so as to not upset those “Nationalists” who would not agree with the establishment of a Single State, DeLors proposed they (the people) should be presented with a ” fait accompli”.


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