The European Union:

The present European Union has its origin in the Organization for European Economic Cooperation (O.E.E.C.) which was established to manage the distribution of Marshall Plan funds in Europe, (and is now known as the O.E.C.D)

However Charles De-Gaulle President of France recognized that that organization  conflicted with his own ambitions to lead the new  Europe. De-Gaulle sought for France the opportunity to play the dominant role in the creation of a new European Federation. The European Coal and Steel Community, the European Economic Community (E.E.C) and Euratom (1951) were established to promote that cause.

Charles De-Gaulle speaking in Bordeaux on 25 September 1949, just 18 months after the creation of the original  Organization for European Economic Cooperation (O.E.E.C.) evoked the idea of a federation of European peoples that might arise from a vast popular referendum in all European countries, assigning a decisive (controlling) role to the Franco-German alliance. Charles De-Gaulle believed that with Germanys industrial power and French leadership he could rebuild Europe free from American and British influence.

 Quote: “Europe shall (or shall not) come into being, depending on whether a direct agreement is possible, (or not), between the Germanic and Gallic peoples.” . 

Charles De-Gaulle continuously refused to allow The United Kingdom to become a member of the European Economic Community (E.E.C.) until his death in 1972.

former French president Jacque DeLors once said the European Union must be created “discreetly” so as to not upset those “Nationalists” who would not agree with the establishment of a Single State, DeLors proposed they (the people) should be presented with a ” fait accompli”.  They have achieved their dream

The  E.E.C. has since evolved into a French dominated single state in all but name.

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