The Economy

Democratic Reform recognises that no nation is economically independent. However until we know who is in charge of our economy we cannot achieve the dreams of our forefathers to create a Nation fit to protect our people, provide for our children, and care for the sick and elderly. We are a very great nation betrayed by the poor quality of our leaders. and surviving not because of our government but in spite of them.

Whether we choose to exist as a “Nation” or as part of a larger “European Union” that choice while important is not as important as the decision as to whether we wish to live in a democracy. All of the European treaties in the past fifty years are designed to centralize power in the hands of an Autocratic commission. (appointed not elected) Each Commissioner sworn to represent the European union and not their own peoples interests. While human and civil rights are placed at the forefront of the political promotion of the European Union it is the financial well-being of an “elite” which determines the economic policies of the European Union (EU)

A new “Classical” based economic (trickle down economics) order is becoming evident on all the major continents. The wealth of American, Chinese, Russian and other Billionaires is accrued mainly from the Extraction industries, (Oil Gold and Minerals), the Food, Drinks and Drugs industries (legal and illegal) The Pharmaceutical industries (health and cosmetics), Arms Industries (Guns and Missiles), the Entertainment industries (performance, sport, and gambling) and the Technology Industries (Electronics and Communications). All purportedly exist to satisfy the needs of consumers,

Democratic Reform Proposes:

  • A return to the economic policies of a people orientated / managed economy.
  • To encourage the return of our emigrants and encouraging skilled and professionally qualified Irish people to remain in or return to Ireland
  • To devolve economic development to the Four Provinces. (Devolution)
  • To achieve energy independence within 10 years.
  • To declare war on poverty in Ireland

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