The Economy

Democratic Reform recognises that no nation is economically sovereign, However until we know who is in charge of our economy we cannot achieve the dreams of our forefathers to create a Nation fit to protect our people, provide for our children, and care for the sick and elderly. We are a very great nation betrayed by the poor quality of our leaders. and surviving not because of our government but in spite of them.

The government claims success in managing the Irish economy, pointing to a probable surplus in the current account at the end of 2019. However this does not reflect the true state of the public finances. A surplus in the current account achieved as a result of not paying sufficient to reduce the mortgage (the National Debt) is false accounting.

A surplus of up to  4 billion euro, while the national debt has risen by  20 billion euro from 185 billion Euro in 2017 (2 years ago ) to 205 billion euro in 2019  is bad management. (These figures are taken from the Exchequer returns of the Department of Finance)

See European Debt Clock

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