Our current system provides for Government of the people by the people within constitutionally agreed rules, is democratic because of its basis in government by popular consent, with the power of the Government regulated by “The Constitution”. The human and civil rights of the minority are in this way protected by the constitution.

However a failure of the Irish State is that a Government too weak to govern on its own without seeking the support of minority partners often results in, a minority propping up the government and to use a common metaphor “The Tail Wagging the Dog”.  This results in a situation whereby the minority partner in government who  have failed to secure the endorsement of their policies by the electorate in a general election can still demand implementation of their policies  as a price for their support

That is Why we Need:

  • To enshrine in our constitution that our government shall be  composed of all shades of political opinion as expressed at the ballot box. (A truly representative government )

  • To enshrine in our constitution a mechanism “Plebiscite” by which the people can instruct the government of their wishes on matters of grave national importance. (as provided by article 6 of the Constitution, but for which no mechanism exists.)