Economic Ideology

Whether we choose to exist as a “Nation” or as part of a larger “European Union” that choice while important is not as important as the decision as to whether we wish to live our lives in a democracy or under a system of authoritarian rule. Both the Irish Republic and the European Union (representing 27 states) have moved from their democratic foundations and are moving toward an autocratic system of governance. All of the European treaties in the past fifty years are designed to centralise power in the hands of a commission. (appointed not elected) Each Commissioner is deliberately sworn to represent the European union and not their national interests. While human and civil rights are placed at the forefront of the political promotion of the European Union it is the financial well-being of an “elite” which determines the economic policies of the European Union (EU)

A new economic order is evident on all the major continents. and the source of the wealth of American, Chinese, Russian and other Billionaires is accrued mainly from the Extraction industries, (Oil Gold and Minerals), the Food, Drinks and Drugs industries (legal and illegal) The Pharmaceutical industries (health and cosmetics), Arms Industries (Guns and Missiles), the Entertainment industries (performance, sport, and gambling) and the Technology Industries (Electronics and Communications). All purportedly exist to satisfy the needs of consumers, and many Billionaires have made fortunes on the basis of satisfying those needs.

Some Billionaires are genuinely philanthropic while others display signs of philanthropy mainly to secure public acceptance of their status and influence. Many billionaires employ financial management companies who seek to influence the political systems (democratic or Autocratic) in order for to increase by any means the wealth of their employers. However there are also many investment fund managers (private and institutional) managing billions of dollars worth of investment funds, and determined to exercise their influence over governments so as to increase the return on investments. (and their commissions) With the willing compliance of governments across the world they exploit the consumer and the worker, often to the extent of enforced slavery to enhance their wealth.

Democracy offers us the chance to manage and share the worlds resources, to protect the consumer, reward the worker and protect the environment.

We should reject “Trickle Down” economics.

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Joining NATO

The recent events in Ukraine have demonstrated that Russia has no respect for international law, and their recent show of force off the coast of Ireland is a reminder that in the event of war Ireland is vulnerable. We cannot rely on PESCO (the European Defence Agency) and should not accept that we must give up our sovereignty by participating in that sham. Joining NATO does not involve any loss of sovereignty. We should join NATO immediately and begin to upgrade our defence capability.

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Energy Prices

According to a Government report released in 2006, entitled “Atlantic Ireland- An Exciting Petroleum Province”, Ireland has discovered Oil and Gas reserves which could be worth up to One Trillion dollars at 2006 market prices. The Corrib Gas field identified in that report is already supplying natural gas to Ireland, The Irish Owned Barryroe Oil field also identified in that report has been tested proven and capped awaiting only for higher oil prices. and the natural gas from the Spanish Point Gas field also identified in that report can be delivered through the Corrib Gas Infrastructure. All of the above can provide long term security of energy supply for Ireland. But in a Hark-Back to Trevelyan’s Corn Laws (during the Famine) which destroyed much of Ireland. The Irish government at the insistence of the European Commission allows Irish Natural Gas to be sold by a Canadian private company “Vermillion Energy” at inflated market prices. The Corrib Gas Field is not affected by the Russian threats to European Energy Supplies, and there are no extra costs associated with the Russia / Ukraine war to justify an increase in Gas prices from the Corrib Field. For further information see: Irelands Natural Resources

While we must move away from dependence on fossil fuels, we presently have our own supply and should insist it be provided at reasonable cost to the Irish consumer.

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Putin’s declaration of war against Ukraine is immoral and indefensible. He should be charged with wars crimes for every soldier or civilian (Russian or Ukrainian) who is killed in his illegal invasion of a Sovereign nation. And economic sanctions should not end until every Russian soldier is withdrawn from every part of Ukraine and Belarus.

Further action is also required against those who support and facilitate this illegal invasion. All sanctions including all banking restrictions should immediately be imposed on Belarus and its leaders. The transfer of money from Ireland by Russian or Belarus citizens to either of the above pariah states should be prohibited immediately.

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