Our Objectives

Democratic Reform is an idea which can be supported by anyone. The only requirement is a belief in democracy and accountability and a belief in freedom of opinion and speech.

Whether you are a Capitalist or a Socialist, a Nationalist or a Federalist, a Conservative or a Liberal. is irrelevant. You are none of these unless you live in a Democracy.

The objectives of Democratic Reform are;

  • Ta achieve a Nation of equal opportunity.

  • To restore democratic accountability.

  • Total eradication of poverty in Ireland.

  • Reform the Family Support System

  • Reform the Education System.

  • Rebuild the Health Services.

  • Achieve a zero emission environment.

  • Declare war on Organised Crime

These may seem to be unrealistic dreams, but all of the above objectives are achievable within a short space of time if politicians have the will to achieve them. We owe it to our children and grand-children to start now.

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