Devolution of powers to elected “Provincial governments” which should be established, to plan and implement the proposed regeneration. and  expansion of the existing cities of, Cork, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford, and the creation of new cities in Athlone, Dundalk, and Sligo, which in addition to expansion of other large towns to the status of mini-cities, would achieve the necessary growth to create a viable economy.

Planning laws must be changed to allow the major infrastructural and slum clearance projects so vital to this regeneration to take place quickly and without years of court battles. The employment generated would provide much needed medium and long term employment which would allow our skilled and graduate workforce to remain in Ireland, stimulating the indigenous business culture such an expansion could create. (see also The Economy – tax reform.) We must seek to build consensus, to establish first what must be done, second what should be done, and finally what is simply desirable. Health, Education, and Justice, must be at the forefront of the regeneration of the Irish Nation. The pre-requisite for success is a healthy, educated, and motivated people, this will create a strong, and vibrant economy.

We made great contributions to the rest of the? world now lets do it at home…

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