World Population

No one as yet has defined the Earth’s capacity to support the “Human Race” and according to the United Nations Population Division, the human population hit 7.3 billion in 2018 and, we’re en route to a population of 10 billion by 2100.

With every human being consuming on average 2,000 calories per day (2.4 kw per day) multiplied by 7.8 Billion persons in the world today. (18.72 Billion Kw per day).And with the world population expected to rise to 10 billion by 2100 the worldwide consumption of energy will rise to 24 billion Kw per day. That does not include the energy expended on manufacturing or the energy required to grow, produce or transport the goods and services we consume. The uncontrolled growth of the human population is the single biggest threat to the continued existence of the Human Race.

Family planning could help to stabilise or even reduce the Global population, and redistribution over the habitable continents to achieve optimum population density relative to land mass could also help to achieve Global stability, and lessen tensions caused by migration. Terra-forming of land masses (The Sahara Desert and Central Australia) to support more people could also help in the redistribution of the Global population. But ultimately a Global population of just 5 billion people may be more sustainable.

Capitalists however may not agree. A serious obstacle to population management, is the desire for uncontrolled consumer growth, by producers and financial services providers. But encouraging consumerism is exactly why our planet is warming. Capitalists see the growing world populations not as human beings but as consumers, and therefore a source of wealth. Listen to politicians and economists demand for greater “Expansion” and “Growth” and understand that that means more people, higher consumption and rising profits. which also requires more energy and therefore more global warming.

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