Democratic Reform is an idea which can be supported by anyone. The only requirements are (a) belief in democracy and accountability and a belief in freedom of opinion and freedom of expression.  (b) respect for the dignity of all human beings, whatever their colour, origin or beliefs.  Whether you are a Capitalist or a Socialist,  a Conservative or a Liberal, an Atheist or a Believer  is irrelevant.  The  objectives of Democratic Reform are;

  • Transparent and Accountable Government
  • A War against Corruption.
  • A War against Organised Crime.
  • A War against poverty in Ireland.
  • A First World Education System.
  • A First World; Health Services.
  • A Zero Emission environment.

These may seem to be unrealistic dreams, but all of the above objectives are achievable within a short space of time if the politicians we elect have the will to achieve them. We owe it to our children and grand-children to start now.

Support Democratic Reform;
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