Democratic Reform can be supported by those who have:

  1. A belief in Constitutional Democracy
  2. A belief that Human Rights  (Life, Liberty, Privacy and Dignity) are applicable to all regardless of  Nationality, Race, Creed, or Colour. 
  3. A commitment to respect for the earths environment upon which all life depends.

Democratic Reform (Ire) is not anti-Europe

The creation of a European Economic Community (E.E.C.) A collective of Member States seeking harmony and co-operation, neighbours, sharing common values and aspirations forming a cooperative community supporting each other in their search for a better life. The free movement of workers throughout that community who seek to enhance their  quality of life, offering their skills and services to employers while building new lives for themselves and their families, and enabling all Europeans to buy and sell goods and services throughout the common market in a consumer friendly manner. That vision must include all democratic European nations just as was provided for by the Helsinki Agreement in 1975 Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine should be encouraged to become part of a new European Economic Union, without fear of losing their right of self government.

Democratic Reform  is opposed only to European political integration.

The people of Europe did not oppose the Kaiser (WW I) and Hitler (WW II) simply to replace them with new style corporate fascists. The proposed new European Empire (the E.U.) is just as distasteful as the ancient empires which failed.

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