The Republic of Ireland is recognised as an independent Nation by all 193 members of the world’s largest intergovernmental organization the United Nations. Many people describe Ireland as a “Sovereign” Nation. However sovereignty is only a concept, and is nothing more than the right to govern (or rule over) a nation. The “Sovereign” may be a King (Saudi Arabia) or even a Dictator (Russia). All claim to rule with the consent of the people. In a Democracy the “People” choose their government and how they are governed and therefore the people are sovereign. If the people choose not to or are prevented from exercising that right then they cannot be described as “Sovereign”. There are many variations of all of the aforementioned systems of government. many have for example, A parliament, with an unwritten Constitution, and a Monarch as head of State (The United Kingdom). Another example, A parliament, a Written Constitution, and an Emperor as Head of State (Japan) many countries such as China , Russia and Iran,  although they have a parliament (politburo or council) are effectively  one party  dictatorships.

….. “First and foremost, a country needs to have good governance that commands the consent of the governed, effective and impartial rule of law including relentless combat of corruption, competent and socially legitimate protection of property rights, and well-designed, well-enforced regulations (appropriate to the country’s stage of development) to protect workers rights and the environment. One of the signs of how serious the government is about forging a new, results-oriented approach to development, is a fact which the Monterrey Consensus makes clear, “domestic good governance is a prerequisite for sustainable development.” Developing country leaders increasingly accept the fact that they bear primary responsibility for their own development, beginning with good governance. When sustained economic growth and poverty eradication have occurred over several generations, it has generally been in situations where governments are open, democratic, inclusive, and accountable. Good governance is the key to unlocking the resources and opportunities from all financial flows that are essential for economic growth.”

From a  U.N Report; Mobilisation of Financial Resources for Economic Development. (Page 4)

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