Democratic Reform is an idea which can be supported by anyone. The only requirement is a belief in democracy and accountability and a belief in freedom of opinion and speech. Whether you are a Capitalist or  Socialist,  Conservative or  Liberal. is irrelevant. You are none of these unless you live in a Democracy.

The Primary objective of Democratic Reform is To restore democratic accountability of the Government to the People;

The Secondary (but no less important) objective of Democratic Reform is:

  • The total eradication of poverty in Ireland.
  • To reform the Education System.
  • To rebuild the Health Services.
  • To achieve a zero emission environment.
  • To declare war on Organised Crime

These may seem to be unrealistic dreams, but all of the above objectives are achievable within a short space of time if politicians have the will to achieve them. We owe it to our children and grand-children to start now.

What Democratic Reform is Not:

Democratic Reform (Ire) is not isolationist.

To build a great Nation we must trade with the rest of the world. We need to import resources that our island home does not currently have. We need finance to fund the reconstruction of our State, We need inward migration of skilled workers (preferably though not exclusively “expats”) to construct the new Nation, and we need access to markets around the world to sell our produce and services in order to pay for our imports.

Democratic Reform (Ire) is not Racist.

There is only one human race. Black and White and all shades in between, and we all come from the same seed. Democratic Reform (Ire) however recognizes that as the human race evolved, it did so as people organised in geographically defined Nation States, some other  nations were organised on religious persuasion. These divisions has resulted in different perceptions as to what constitutes human rights. Some perceptions are good some are bad. Eventually humanity must evolve to recognise that  all human beings are entitled to the same basic human rights and must share the same responsibilities.

Democratic Reform (Ire) recognizes our limitations.

It would be outrageous to think that tiny Ireland can reform all of other Nations in the world. We can however use our influence in Europe and through the United Nations to encourage other Nations to work toward a basic system of values that protects all human beings in their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Perhaps our Irish voice might be more effective if we could demonstrate that we at home Practice what we Preach.

Democratic Reform (Ire) demands human rights for all.

And that begins with the rights of the individual, the family, the community, the state, and the international community with whom we share those rights, when or if we ever allow Government’s to remove any part of that “hierarchy of rights” we abandon democracy.

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