The European Union

The creation of a European Economic Community, A collective of Member States seeking harmony and co-operation, neighbours, sharing common values and aspirations forming a cooperative community supporting each other in their search for a better life. The free movement of workers throughout that community who seek to enhance their skills and offering their services to employers and building new lives for themselves and their families. A common European currency, designed to make trade between neighbours a simple task, enabling all Europeans to buy and sell goods and services throughout the common market in a consumer friendly manner. This is a noble aspiration.

But what does  “European Union ”  mean for Ireland ?

  1.  A European Government;
    Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and many other European leaders  have called for the further “Urgent” integration of the European Union after “Brexit” and the rapid establishment of a European Government.
  2. A Subservient Irish Government;
    The Irish “Government” reduced to the role of  a “Local” Administration. This is already happening. Evidence of  this is the response of a government minister to a question asked in Dail Eireann when the minister replied      “The Irish Government cannot pass any legislation which is contrary to a European directive”
  3. European Common Taxes;
    The European Corporation Tax is at an advanced stage of preparation and President Emmanuel Macron (France)  has stated that Ireland must not be allowed a “Veto”, on future tax policy, Macron has proposed the Qualified Majority Voting (QMV) be extended to the are of Taxation which hitherto required unanimity  for approval by the member states, and  it is impossible for Ireland to stop these reforms.. The Irish Government has expressed its concerns (15/01/2019) but has no power to stop the removal of the current  European requirement of unanimity of matters of taxation.
  4.  Loss of Irish Neutrality; 
    Although prohibited by our constitution and by an annex to the Lisbon Treaty,  In February 2018, Leo Varadkar committed Ireland to  P.E.S.C.O  a  “Common Defense” (that is a European army) which effectively ended Irish “Neutrality” and is in Violation of article 29 section 4 paragraph 9 of the Irish Constitution

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