The Irish Nation

The Irish Nation is a collective of individuals, families and neighbours drawn and held together by common beliefs, common values, and a shared history. The community which makes up the Irish Nation is estimated at approx. 80 million people. Our Nation was scattered to the four corners of the world where our children often struggled and sometimes prospered, contributing much to their adopted country. It has often been said that Ireland’s greatest export was her children. It is time to reach out and to bring them home and seek their help in rebuilding the Irish Nation.

What is Nationalism

A Nation is a community of people, formed on the basis of a common history, language, ethnicity, and a common culture. Nationalism is the expression of belonging to a Nation.  A Nation-State (The Irish Republic ) is often defined as the homeland to a Nation.

A common misconception is that all Nationalists are ” Terrorists, Republicans or Separatists”  This is not true. It is the collective ideology of the leadership of a Nation which may bring credit or discredit on a nation. The peoples of a Nation often disagree with their leaders but are powerless to stop those leaders who adopt indoctrination and abuse of power to force their people to remain silent.

  • The Irish Nation is known for its tolerance and welcoming nature.
  • The Aryan (German) Nation is known for its “Superiority Complex”

These are just two examples of different views of two different Nations. Whether they are accurate or not is a matter of one’s personal opinion.  One fact we cannot escape however is that ultimately we are all part of one family (or nation) We are all earthlings.

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