Where are these Resource’s;

The Corrib Oil & Gas Field (off the coast of Galway);
Shell, Statoil, and Marathon;

Off the coast of Galway lies the Corrib oil and Gas field, which has an estimated value of anywhere between 8bn to 87bn Euro. The field, which has been the scene of much controversy, the famous Shell pipeline dispute. is scheduled to come into production  soon. One of the partners in this project, Statoil is owned by the Norwegian government.

The Dunquinn Oil and Gas Field (off the coast of Kerry);
Exxon Mobil & Providence Resources;

The Dunquinn field is estimated to contain an astonishing 25 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 4,1 Billion barrels of oil. This field is being principally developed by Exxon Mobil:

John O’Sullivan, Exploration Manager with Providence Resources, who have a stake in Dunquinn and other fields off the coast of Clare “explained in 2007

With Dunquinn  we are planning to drill wells next year and 2009. It is deep water, and as a rule of thumb, it takes about five years to get a field into production, so we are looking at 2013 to 2015. “The gas will be brought ashore in a pipeline and the oil tankered away,”


The worldwide economic crisis of 2007, and the collapse of oil prices, means there is no current need to develop this resource, But the oil and Gas is still there, perhaps for environmental reasons we should leave it there.  But knowing it is there the oil barons will one day seek to recover these resources, will the people benefit from the development.

The Lough Allen Basin Gas Field (Leitrim / Fermanagh);

The inland Lough Allen basin – an area which was largely famous as a bog. has been estimated to contain 9.4 trillion cubic feet of gas (equivalent to 1.5 billion barrels of oil). This is estimated from just two of the three reservoirs found to date. These vast reservoirs lies beneath Lough Allen and straddles Cavan, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Roscommon and Sligo. The current licence holder Tamboran Ltd. has confirmed the above finds and has sought a production licence. This area alone could satisfy Ireland’s Natural gas needs for the next 20 years. The British government has licenced the extraction of this gas from across the border in Fermanagh.

Other Oil and Gas Discoveries:

The Barryroe Oil & Gas (Off the Cork Coast);
Providence Resources_

Providence Resource’s has announced major oil and Gas finds in the Barryroe field, which has proven flow rates that make the field commercially viable, and have proven extensive reserves. Testing showed flow rates at Barryroe, which is 50km off the Cork coast, are 3,514 barrels of oil per day, almost double its pre-drill target of 1,800. Gas flow rates were 4,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day.
Ref; Irish Times Report

The Kish Basin Coal Field (Off Dublin Bay);
VP Power Ltd.

Perhaps  the Gas from Coal project currently underway off Dublin Bay, “the Kish Basin Project”, which according to reports could fuel several power stations, for many years.  could relieve just some of the debt of this Nation.
Ref; Indymedia / Gas from Coal Project

The Kish Basin Oil & Gas Field (Dalkey Island)
Providence Resources;

The Dalkey Island prospect is a shallow water (c. 20-30m) hydrocarbon target in the Kish Basin, which lies just 10km offshore Dublin. Geologically, the Kish Bank Basin is like the prolific East Irish Sea Basin, which produces large volumes of oil and gas, currently being extracted  offshore at Liverpool Bay.
Ref; Providence Resources.

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