Democratic Reform (Ire)

Frank Chaney

Frank Chaney is the founder of Democratic Reform

Democratic Reform is not a political party, it is an idea which can be supported by individuals, independent politicians, activists and does not exclude political parties. The only requirement is a belief in  democracy and a willingness to give voice through the Constitution to the right of the Irish people to determine our own political, economic, and cultural future.

Democratic Reform is not anti-Europe, Democratic Reform is anti-Fascist, and is opposed only to the further integration of our Nation into a Super-Nation (United States of Europe) Democratic Reform supports the original concept of a European Economic Community.  Which involves “a Common Market” and the regulation of such market, ” and Democratic Reform supports the  Common Currency (the Euro). These developments should be welcomed and supported.

 But  Issues such  Neutrality , Foreign Relations, and our domestic affairs are for the Irish people to decide. Our hard won freedom must not be surrendered simply because we do not trust the ability of our political leaders. Their incompetence and corruption should not be a reason to surrender our democratic right to self government. Patriotism is not dead is simply has no voice at present.

The foundation of Democracy begins with the supremacy of the  rights  of the individual to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Then extends to the family, the community, the Nation, and the International Community.  When we abandon any part of that hierarchy of rights  we abandon democracy. “Government should only be effected in so far as it protects the rights and promotes the welfare of all of the people.  Ensuring that at all stages of democracy all of the people are treated equally in regards to their choices, their welfare and their opportunity.”

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