The Irish Economy

Democratic Reform recognizes that no nation is economically sovereign, not Ireland,  not the “European Union”  not even the “United States of America” However the proposals of Democratic Reform are based on the belief that the Irish government, alone has the authority to manage the Irish economy on behalf of and in the interest of the Irish people. The future of Ireland is seen (by some) as part of a  “United States of Europe”. with a  European Parliament, President, and  Government.  This poses a very important question. Who manages the Irish Economy ?  Is the government we elect in charge of the Irish economy, or are they subject to the directives of the European Commission. To quote a Fine Gael minister, during the water charges debate in Leinster House (5Th April 2017) ” The government cannot introduce legislation, which is contrary to a European Directive. and which will render Ireland liable to fines for breach of EU law.”

Whether you consider yourself a Capitalist or a Socialist, a Nationalist or a Federalist, a Conservative or a Liberal. is irrelevant. You are none of these unless you live in a Democracy. and I don’t recall every being asked to accept totalitarian ” Fascist” control of the Irish economy.

  • When did the Irish People vote to give control of our economy to Jean Claude Junker.
  • and When did the Irish People vote to give control of our Tax  to Emmanuel Macron.

Until we know who is in charge of our economy we cannot achieve the dreams of our forefathers to create a Nation fit to protect our people provide for our children  and care for the sick and elderly.  We are a very great nation betrayed by the poor quality of our leaders. and surviving not because of our government but in spite of them.

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