Irish society today is divided between those who believe we should have an open door policy toward immigrants, and those who would close the door to all Immigration. Ireland needs immigration, not as cheap labour, but as an infusion of new blood and ideas, to add diversity to our culture, and to grow the economy. A system of immigration control similar to the Australian or Canadian migration systems should  be introduced.

With an estimated 10% of the European population living in poverty (that’s 50 million people ) the elimination of poverty in Ireland cannot be achieved without controlling the movement of those 50 million people who are entitled to entry and equal treatment under existing Irish laws. As raise the standard of living of those Irish People who are affected by poverty, they will simply be replaced by economic refugees from other parts of Europe. The Irish workforce numbers just 2 million, Irish workers cannot be asked to support all of those affected by poverty in Europe.  If we are serious about eliminating poverty in Ireland then we have no choice but to control immigration

There are some migrants who claim sanctuary from oppressive regimes throughout the world. Some are here as part of international agreement, others who make their own way to Ireland, and claim relief from oppression. The entire asylum system needs to be scrapped and replaced with a new system of assessment, based on genuine need. Here we need to make a clear distinction between economic and political refugees. Many welfare migrants try to disguise their actions of illegal entry, by claiming political asylum. This detracts from genuine asylum seekers who as a result of these false claims are often then branded as scroungers. We have to make a fresh start in dealing with the problem of illegal immigration, and at the same time reform our asylum laws, to ensure genuine cases are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

A general amnesty should be granted to asylum seekers, allowing all the above to register for permanent residency, with a view to gaining citizenship after a period of successful integration. Allowing these migrants to enter the workforce would reduce the welfare burden on the state. This amnesty should be limited to those who can prove residency in Ireland up to the date of announcement. Those who have a criminal conviction would not be eligible. After this period of amnesty (three to six months), a strong system of controls must be put in place, so as not to allow this situation to arise again.

Employment, Accommodating, or trafficking in illegal immigrants, must be stopped. Legislation imposing Imprisonment and fines of up to 1,000 euro per day, per person employed, accommodated, or trafficked in the State must be introduced. A reward scheme targeted at the victims of this illegal trade, should reward those who come forward and assist in the  prosecution of the Trafficker / Employer. A guarantee of “No Deportation”,  would enable victims to come forward without fear of Reprisals. When a Landlord or an Employer claims to have been deceived as to the status of an immigrant, He./ She must prove beyond reasonable doubt that He / She tried  to establish the Immigrants Status.

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