The Irish Constitution

Constitutional Democracy provides for Government of the people by the majority within constitutionally agreed rules, democratic because of its basis in government by popular consent, but the power of the Government is regulated by “The Constitution”. Otherwise a government with a simple majority of 51%, could ignore the rights of the other 49%. However a Government too weak to govern without the support of their minority partners in order to reach the magic 51% . often results in, to use a common metaphor “The Tail Wagging the Dog”. and to attempts by the minority to impose their will on the majority. That is why we need a New Constitution. While the human and civil rights of the minority must be protected, they must not be allowed to override the rights of the “Majority”.

The present constitution is not perfect and after 64 attempts to amend the constitution 28 of which were approved by the people, a further 11 were rejected by the people , and another 24 never even got through the Oireachtas, we don’t need to amend it, we need to replace it. To claim that “we have elections every 5 years” hardly suggests a democratic choice, when the party political leaders and the authors of their political manifestos, (Eamon Gilmore / Labour Party) tell us we shouldn’t take them seriously, or attempt to hold them to account for their broken promises. After all election promises are not meant to be taken seriously.