The European Union

Democratic Reform continues to support a European Economic Community,    However the real objective of those who founded that community, (the E.E.C.) becomes clearer as that community evolves, Their objective  has always been the creation of a Single European State (Union).   Irish political leaders refuse to discuss the consequences,

What will a  “Single European State”  mean for Ireland ?

  1. A  European Government even further removed from the Irish People.
  2. The Oireachtas reduced to the role of Administration.
  3. European (Federal) corporation and income taxes.
  4. Loss of Ireland’s seat at the United Nations.
  5. Ireland’s loss of Neutrality.

Whether it is the bank-bailout, water-charges, the privatization of the transport industry (Bus-Eireann), or  the insistence of the application of VAT on toll charges, the hand of the bureaucrats in Brussels is rampant.

 There is an alternative vision;

  1.  A Europe of Sovereign Nation States.
  2.  A European Economic Community \“Common Market”.
  3.  Free movement of \“Workers” between member States.
  4. A Common Currency \ The Euro

Note the term \“Worker”,

if a citizen of another member state, has a job offer, has independent financial support, access to accommodation, and private health insurance, then that person would be free to enter and move within the State. This should satisfy the needs to attract skilled workers,

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