Democratic Reform supports

  1. A Europe of Sovereign Nation States
  2. A Common Market and Customs Union.
  3. Free movement of “Workers” between member States.

But what will a  “Single European State”  mean for Ireland ?

  1. A European  Parliament of 750 members.  (Fact)
  2. The Irish Government reduced to the role of  a Local Administration. (Fact)
  3. European Corporation Tax,  and Value Added Tax,  (Inevitable)
  4. Loss of Ireland’s seat at the United Nations. (Inevitable) 
  5. PESCO (A European Army) and  Ireland’s loss of Neutrality. (Fact)

Three of the above  are already a Fact;

On Tax The European Corporation Tax is at an advanced stage of preparation and Emmanuel Macron has stated that Ireland must not be allowed a “Veto”, and Qualified Majority Voting means  it is impossible for Ireland to stop these reforms..

On the United Nations As of 29th November 2018,  Angela Merkel has requested that the French seat on the UN Security Council, be vacated in favour of a “European” seat on the Security Council. How long before all 27 member states are requested to surrender their seats in the UN General Assembly in favour of a single “European” seat in the general Assembly. The United States of America has 50 states, yet is entitled to just one seat in the General Assembly, and one seat on the Security Council