Democratic Reform supports the Economic Community, (the E.E.C.)

  1.  A Europe of Sovereign Nation States where each Nation determines those National laws which are unique to their own  territory and jurisdiction (State)
  2.  A “Common Market”. Where harmonisation of health and safety standards  leads to high quality goods and services being traded  freely throughout the community.
  3.  The  Free movement of “Workers” between member States, whereby if a citizen of member state has a job offer, independent financial support, and private health insurance then that person would be free to enter and move to or within another member State.

But the objective of those who founded the European has always been the creation of a Single European State (European Union)  Irish political leaders refuse to discuss the consequences of  a political union for the Irish people.

What will a  “Single European State”  mean for Ireland ?

  1. Representation  by 11 members in a European  Parliament of 750 members.  (Fact)
  2. The Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) reduced to the role of a Local Authority. (Fact)
  3. The Irish Government reduced to the role of  a Local Administration. (Fact)
  4. European Corporation (Equalisation) Tax,  and Value Added Tax,  (Fact)
  5. Loss of Ireland’s seat at the United Nations. (Inevitable)
  6. PESCO (A European Army) and  Ireland’s loss of Neutrality. (Fact)

As the rise of Euro-sceptic  parties continues to grow across Europe one thing is clear, the people of Europe do not want to relinquish their hard won freedoms and the right to control their own destinies.  And there is an alternative vision. However, the people of Europe will not be allowed a voice in the development of the New European Union. Dutch, French and Irish referendum have been  overturned. The media has been silenced.  Decisions on the future of Europe are being made by powerful interests whose only interest is in the wealth such power generates.