Mineral Resources

A government report   “Land of Mineral Opportunities (2006)” describes Irelands Geological structure and the wealth contained within our land area. including Lead, Zinc, and Gold deposits which are the property of the Irish people.

Source; The Dept. Of Communication, the Marine and Natural Resources.

Ireland has a widely varied geological framework, ranging from Ancient to the Present, that includes a number of mineral provinces endowed with a diverse range of base and precious metals as well as industrial mineral deposits. Mining in Ireland dates back to the Bronze Age (2000-400 B.C.). Over the last 40 years a string of significant base metal discoveries were made, (including the giant ore deposit at Tara Mines).  Ireland now ranks, in terms of tonnes of ore discovered per square kilometre,

  • First in the world, for zinc ore production,
  • Second in the world for lead ore production.

Lead  Ireland supplies 12% of the worlds lead ore, none of which is processed in Ireland

Zinc  Ireland supplies 35% of Europe’s zinc ore, none of which  is processed in Ireland.

Despite the above, the 2015 exchequer returns provided by the Dept of Finance, show that the Extractive Industries (Mining and Quarrying)  paid just 0.2%  (one fifth of 1 percent) of the total corporation tax take for 2015. In cash terms that s just € 17 Million euro