Our Objectives

Restore our Democracy;

The Irish people must demand the restoration of our democratic right to govern our own Nation, in accordance with the declaration of independence contained in our Constitution. We also need a new modern constitution which has the support of the overwhelming majority of the People,

Rebuild our Economy;

The Primary duty of our government is to create an economy which rewards and encourages enterprise and the work ethic, coupled with a system of help for those in genuine need, education for our children, to produce our future leaders, and provide affordable health care, to promote the health of all of our citizens.

Reclaim our Streets;

Criminals wage war on our streets with impunity, killing and maiming each other and innocent bystanders in the process. The citizens of this Nation are entitled to walk the streets and pursue their business without fear. At present ordinary citizens feels powerless and afraid to challenge even the youngest of the thugs who terrorise our neighbourhoods.

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