Our Objectives

Whether you are a Capitalist or a Socialist, a Nationalist or a Federalist, a Conservative or a Liberal. is irrelevant. You are none of these unless you live in a Democracy. The objectives of Democratic Reform are to restore democratic accountability and;

  1. Restore the democratic right of the Irish people to decide our future.
  2. Restore the accountability of the government.
  3. Rebuild the Education, Health and Support services.
  4. Introduce Immigration Controls (not prohibition)
  5. Encourage the Irish Diaspora to return home.
  6. Introduce a 30% Constitutional cap on Income Taxation
  7. Expand, Support, and properly and equip our police force.
  8. Reform our Courts and make judges accountable.
  9. Declare war on Organised Crime
  10. Rebuild the Army, and Navy to protect the Irish Nation.

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