It is a universally accepted fact in all civilised countries that every human being has a right to life. That is why by the fifth amendment the Irish people  abolished the Death Penalty. Soon you will be asked to grant permission for the State to legislate to allow for the termination of a pregnancy (abortion), to end the life of an unborn child. ”On Demand”.

The Pro Choice Argument;

Supporters of abortion claim the “woman’s right to choose”, and point to the ease with which abortion is available throughout the rest of the western world. Those who are in favour of abortion often cite the example of “rape” as a justification for abortion. Many others cite the case of Feotal  abnormalities as a justification for abortion “On Demand”, Others simply say they want to end an unplanned (accidental) pregnancy

The Pro Life Argument;

Many objectors to abortion, fear and point out that abortion could become a form of belated  birth control, and claim the “right to life” of the unborn child. They fear a decline in moral standards is leading to a  lack of respect for human life, and devaluation of  women whom many fear are becoming mere objects for men’s sexual gratification.

Our Conclusion;

While trying to reconcile the rights of the child and the rights of the woman, we cannot and must not try to impose our moral standards on others,  however  balancing the rights of the unborn child to life, and the reproductive rights of the woman, must not be determined by politicians. , Politicians will always legislate with the next election in mind The balance between the rights of a woman and the right to life of the unborn child, should be determined by medical science and the Supreme Court.

Replace the Eight amendment with a simple statement

Every human being has a Right to Life



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