Democratic Reform (Ire)

Frank Chaney

Frank Chaney is the founder of Democratic Reform

Democratic Reform is an idea which can be supported by anyone. The only requirement is a belief in  democracy and a willingness to give voice  to the right of the Irish people to determine our own political, economic, and social future. Democratic Reform is not anti-Europe and is simply opposed to the concept of Europe as a single Political State. Democratic Reform fully supports the concept of a European Economic Community (E.E.C.)

But  Issues such as Neutrality , Foreign Relations, and Domestic affairs are for the Irish people to decide. Our democracy must not be surrendered simply because we have lost faith in our government. Their incompetence should not be a reason to surrender our right to self government. Patriotism is not dead is simply has no voice at present.

Democracy begins with the supremacy of the  rights  of the individual. However in order to ensure we live in peaceful co-existence there is an accepted  hierarchy of rights,  beginning with the individual, the family the community the state and eventually the international community with whom we share those rights, when  or if we ever allow Government’s to remove  any part of that “hierarchy of rights”  we abandon democracy.

Government should only be obligatory in so far as it protects the rights and promotes the welfare of all of the people.  Ensuring that at all stages of democracy all of the people are consulted on matters of National importance and all are treated equally in regards to their choices, their welfare and their opportunity.”

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